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Sweet Potato Cake

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Accidentally put in too much baking powder, oh well~

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Peameal bacon

Going to St. Lawrence market on a sunny weekend is definitely a satisfying experience, especially after purchasing a large chunk of their famous peameal bacon


I failed to take a picture of the peameal bacon sandwich itself for some reason
Anyhow, after cutting slices of bacon and eating home made peameal bacon sandwiches for breakfast AND lunch today, I decided that my diet was too high in salt and oil, and thus something had to be done about dinner.

My lurvely roomie Sh..ciel donated some mustard greens that she doesn't want anymore, so I decided to make a stir fry out of it. Because the mustard's bitter taste, it was first boiled and drained prior to cooking with the other ingredients.


1. After adding oil, fry green onion and ginger bits for a bit to increase the aroma of the dish
2. Fry bacon until it's slightly caramelized
3. Add mushrooms (shitake and oyster)
4. Add mustard and roughly 1 tbsp of water, cover and reduce heat.
5. After an arbitrary amount of open lid to allow the water to evaporate, serve with rice and shichimi


I didn't add any salt, because the bacon released enough salt for the entire dish lol

Oh, and did I mention that I love peameal bacon?


Does it rhyme with John/Con or Joan/Cone?


I was lazy and didn't post anything for new years...but I guess it shall be reserved for Chinese NY

2 cups flour
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp baking powder
3 tbsp butter
1.5 tbsp yogurt
.5 cup water
1 egg (beaten)
10-15 dried cranberries, diced

Dried ingredients -> cut butter in -> cranberries -> egg -> yogurt+water -> roll out and cut with a round shape (I used measuring cup lol) -> 15 min @ 450F, makes 12 ish

In a way this is orginal recipe, because the recipe I found called for milk, which I didn't have so instead the yogurt+water was used...aha

Serve warm with thick yogurt and honey!


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