Exclusive News Update - UTM

Here are some exclusive new updates at UTM:

Mysterious Paper-Bag Man Sighted on Campus!!!


A reporter from our firm is on the run to catch a close shot at this suspicious individual (For privacy concerns both the reporter and the mysterious paper-bag man have been blurred in this article). The mystery man seems to be carrying a few tennis rackets -- perhaps (s)he has also spotted the beautifully renewed tennis court?

A Local Resident Expresses Concerns


Ms.Deer, a local resident on the UTM campus, expresses her concerns toward recent events on campus: "This is absurd. The appearance of some paper-bag man should not have caused this much stir. I was late for this evening's grass-eating event because one of your reporters was blocking my way! Who cares about their identity, just let me graze in peace, please!" After these words, Ms.Deer did not bother with the interviewer's further questions.

Flowers Grows on Student Residence Bathroom Wall


One morning after returning to campus from her home in London, Ontario, XYZ(23) was surprised to find a few flowers growing out of the wall in her student residence bathroom. Her roommate CCD(22) was in a temporary state of panic due to the sudden appearance of the flowers, and found the incident to be "very creepy". On the other hand, XYZ's other roommate, ZZH(22), claimed to have nothing to do with this event. After consulting with experts, XYZ is now suspecting that one of her two roommates is indeed lying. Further investigation is required.

Summer 09

My parents own a DSLR (Olympus) that has been generally misused in the past 3 years or so... I usually just look at pictures from that camera once or twice when I go home, but due to recent technology (not recent at all actually), I have been able to see most of those pics in their online album ...
This pic was taken 1.5 years ago when we went to BC for a week or so. At the time it was simply too hot to notice the scenery, but now that I look at it again, the place must have been really beautiful


In conclusion:
a) I want a DSLR!
b) I want to go kayaking in BC again!


After playing too much pokemon flying on Pelipper throughout my breeding journey in Platinum, I immediately recalled the name pelican after an encounter of countless (exaggeration) large white birds on the Bow River at around 8 pm MT.


Using Wikipedia online sources, this particular kind of bird was determined to be the American White Pelican, a pelican species native to freshwater sources in North America. For me this was a new encounter, and a pleasant one indeed. The beauty of these birds floating gracefully on the sunseT riveR would bring joy to all who witness it

Jay Chou Toronto Concert 2008

So...exams are finally over, and I finally have some time to myself again
Hopefully this blog will be updated in a frequent manner for the next few weeks, until school begins to kill me again....

Either way, here are some pictures from Thursday's Jay Chou concert in Air Canada Centre in Tronto

The concert itself started at 8pm, but we went at 5, thinking that there'd be a large amount of people there already...but as it turned out, we were one of the first people to get there, and essentially had to stand by the gate for a good 2 hours lol but it was worth it at the end, because for some reasons we were allowed to take leftover posters that they didn't hang on the doors, etc home (), and by the time I took one there were only a few copies of the poster left in the pile lol...the poster itself is quite large, and although most of which are sponser info it still offers a large photo of jay's face lmao


the PS2 controller's, again, there to show relative size

The ACC was pretty packed with people, and we got a pretty good view of the audience due to sitting on the balcony


And to my great surprise, Jay's so much hotter live than he looks on pictures, I think...
Although some girl sitting behind me was complaining (?) about his double chin, I actually thought he looks really really good in close-up...especially his facial expression when he's singing , and he randomly (not really) displayed talent in many instruments including the popular guitar, piano, and drums



China 2008 Series 之 [Extra]

Okay, maybe I lied about the other one being the last of the series, but extras don't count, right?


题: 【Engrish】 - everything else in that park had perfect English...I have no idea what went wrong here...


题: 【月下之翼】 - Wing Under the Moon....no apparent purpose of picture


题: 【My Fish】 - I was excited to find this thing: it's located in the kindergarten I went to, which was built right before I was old enough for kindergarten...and the fish was there since...somewhere around that time ... There's a picture of a 5-yr-old me on this thing, and another one with a 7-yr-old me rollerskating in front of it and somehow it's still there 15 years later and such = = ... I wonder if it's still safe?


Age: 22
Likes: Peaches
Watching: Greatest Love
Wants to: Swim faster

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