Reif Estate Winery Vidal Icewine 2007

So...I may or may not have an (expensive) new hobby: alcohol. For the most part, I'm suddenly rather interested in wine, and after much debate I made my first purchase of an icewine today.


Reif Estate Winery Vidal Icewine 2007 VQA

Taste: sweet but not to a disgusting extent. I like the fact that it had a very peachy/apricot-y acidity to it, so it wasn't just sugary. The after taste is actually rather refreshing.

Price: $7.95 for a 50ml bottle (with gift tube, which i do not need...). The larger bottle is apparently around 25 dollars...somewhat outside my budget. But I think the taste deserves the price...just wish I had the money to buy a bigger bottle

Overall: out of 5

PUSH / Precious

Film - Saw in september at the end of TIFF. We walked in Winter Garden Theatre without knowing what was going to be played, and even when the movie started I didn't know it was even in the film festival. But after seeing it, I kind of understood why it had won the people's choice awards. Very shocking (visually and contextually) however!

Book - I started out at the 360 something-th place in the hold line in the library, but the book came rather quickly (2 months?)...Despite having exams coming up soon I still couldn't help myself but to finish the entire thing in a few days...(it's a short book though)
I was surprised at how closely the movie production followed the book's plot (minus some details concerning Rita, Rhonda, Jermaine...) and even style (stream of consciousness?)...
Although I want to say something about the ending, I think it's better to just read it to find out so I'll leave it at that
However, not a good read if you want to improve grammer/spelling/writing, in a way lol

(Direct linked a pic from Wiki...hope no great harm is done!)

City of Life and Death


Although personally I think Kadokawa deserves some space on this poster... the movie was really great. Though it had its share of blames for portraying a Japanese soldier "in a positive light", I thought that's not really a fair criticism for the movie...
I admire the director's courage (?) for deciding to portray not only the said Japanese soldier but also the character Mr. Tang, who would be considered as a Hanjian (traitor) and whose personality and actions would be portrayed as completely negative in traditional Chinese WWII films...
Having said that...the scenes of the movie were very..... ..... ... shocking, to some extent...especially if one considers how things like this happened in actual history. I couldn't stop crying for the entire time I was sitting in the theatre. But these things are really hard to explain in words (especially at such late hour at night lol)...

Yes if you're in Toronto this weekend (Sept.19) go see it @ the Toronto International Film Festival!!

Shiki Afterthoughts + Characters [屍鬼]

Ok yea I read the first 5 chapters of the manga because the original novel is by Ono Fuyumi who wrote 12K, and I read the novel because it was two bucks at book off the manga was pretty interesting

Non-spoiler portion:

Favourite characters:
Toshio 尾崎敏夫
Natsuno 結城夏野
Ritsuko 国広律子
The Mutou family 武藤一家
The Tanaka siblings 田中姉弟

Other characters I liked:
Tatsu (the old woman at the stationary store) 竹村タツ
The nurses @ Ozaki Hospital 看護婦たち
Seishin's parents 静信父・母
Kanami 矢野佳奈美
Sunako 桐敷砂子

Least favourite characters:

Seishin (I'm sorry but seriously - -) 室井静信
Motoko (if that's how one pronounces her name) 前田元子
Atsushi 大川篤

Click for spoilers:

Read more

Departures -Okuribito-


Judging from the plot summary, I thought this movie was going to be really....hmm how to say it, heavy? --> (too serious, etc)
But it turned out to be not true at all... there were so many humorous scenes scattered all over the movie despite the overall serious theme, which I thought was a really nice thing Other than that, it was generally speaking really touching....I cried about 3 or 4 times throughout the movie, especially towards the end

Definitely worth watching!


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