Exclusive News Update - UTM

Here are some exclusive new updates at UTM:

Mysterious Paper-Bag Man Sighted on Campus!!!


A reporter from our firm is on the run to catch a close shot at this suspicious individual (For privacy concerns both the reporter and the mysterious paper-bag man have been blurred in this article). The mystery man seems to be carrying a few tennis rackets -- perhaps (s)he has also spotted the beautifully renewed tennis court?

A Local Resident Expresses Concerns


Ms.Deer, a local resident on the UTM campus, expresses her concerns toward recent events on campus: "This is absurd. The appearance of some paper-bag man should not have caused this much stir. I was late for this evening's grass-eating event because one of your reporters was blocking my way! Who cares about their identity, just let me graze in peace, please!" After these words, Ms.Deer did not bother with the interviewer's further questions.

Flowers Grows on Student Residence Bathroom Wall


One morning after returning to campus from her home in London, Ontario, XYZ(23) was surprised to find a few flowers growing out of the wall in her student residence bathroom. Her roommate CCD(22) was in a temporary state of panic due to the sudden appearance of the flowers, and found the incident to be "very creepy". On the other hand, XYZ's other roommate, ZZH(22), claimed to have nothing to do with this event. After consulting with experts, XYZ is now suspecting that one of her two roommates is indeed lying. Further investigation is required.


Age: 22
Likes: Peaches
Watching: Greatest Love
Wants to: Swim faster

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